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Ex-girlfriend says Bode Miller hasnít paid any child support

What would you do if you had a son with a person you dated for only a few months and with whom you no longer had a relationship? If that person didn’t care about the child, then the answer might be easy. However, if both parties involved want custody of the child, then a battle over that custody is very possible. It’s also important for anyone in the Kent area who is dealing with this kind of situation to understand the legalities involved.

Bode Miller, who recently won a bronze medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics, is facing a challenge of another kind, as he continues to battle for custody rights of his 13-month old son, whom he calls Nathaniel. Meantime, the boy’s mother, Sara McKenna is also fighting for custody of the boy, who’s legal name is Samuel. The former couple has yet to come to an agreement on shared parenting rights and now they face a deadline to do so.

Collaborative Law Legislation

Last month I went to Lansing as President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan which is the statewide organization for Collaborative professionals. I was there to testify in support of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. Three of us attended the State Senate Judiciary Committee meeting prepared to testify but our lobbyists informed us that we had all the votes we needed to pass the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. Our lobbyists told us there is an old saying, "When you have the votes, ask them to vote; if you do not have the votes, start talking." Therefore, I did not testify. The bill was unanimously approved by the Committee and the next week it was unanimously passed in the Michigan Senate.

Country singing star reportedly splitting from his wife

When a couple in Grand Rapids, or anywhere else for that matter, decides to divorce they a will have several important and long-lasting decisions to make, including how they will split their martial assets. This can be a simple process, however, usually there are a lot of emotions involved and the process can get contentious, especially when there are a lot of marital assets involved.

According to reports, country music singer Trace Adkins and his wife of 16 years are calling it quits. Reportedly, Rhonda Adkins has filed divorce papers and is asking for primary residential custody of the couple’s three children. They have three daughters, who are ages 16, 12 and nine. Ms. Adkins is also seeking alimony and child support, according to court documents.

Social media mistakes made during divorce could cost you

Most people around the country, including many in the Kent area, would agree that social media is a great thing. These sites offer so many different possibilities, like being able to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, as well as promoting or marketing a business. The things that people do on social media sites are endless. However, if you’re going through a divorce, then taking a hiatus from social media may be the best thing to do.

Divorce can often be tough and many times people’s emotions get the best of them. However, when a person makes poor choices because of those emotions, those choices can hurt him or her in divorce, especially if those chose are made public on a social media site. In order to avoid these kinds of mistakes, one should consider a few important tips for social media use during divorce.

Adoptive parents to share custody of girl with biological father

Imagine being the father of a newborn child but never having a say as to whether or not you get to keep custody of that child. No one in the Kent area, or anywhere else, should ever have to lose his or her child without even knowing about it. However, if that does happen the courts may step in to rectify the situation.

A judge has ruled that a father was not given his due rights when his newborn baby was adopted without his permission back in 2008. According to the ruling, the man will get to share custody of his now 6-year-old daughter who has been living with her adoptive parents in Utah since she was born. According to the ruling the judge determined that the man was unfairly barred from having a say in his daughter’s adoption.

These tips may help you avoid the divorce trap

No one in Grand Rapids, or anywhere else, plans on getting a divorce when they marry. In fact, it’s probably the last thing on a person’s mind. Although about half of all many marriages end in divorce, many marriage counselors and other relationship professionals feel that a lot of those marriages could be salvaged if the couple was just willing to work a little harder.

The hosts of WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp recently offered some sound advice to all those who may need some extra help with their marriage. These tips are designed to help couples avoid reaching the point of their marriage where they start to consider divorce. By implementing these steps, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll hope that couples can improve their relationships and prevent divorce from ever happening.

Prenuptial agreement may be best for most couples

Although most people in the Grand Rapids area, and anywhere else, plan for their wedding day for many months and sometimes even years, very few plan for their divorce, so to speak. Of course, no one gets married with the idea that some day his or her marriage will end. However, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, which means planning for the possibility of divorce may be a good idea for everyone.

Although prenuptial agreements can save people a lot of headaches and stress when divorce does happen, most people still don’t even consider signing one before they marry. A prenuptial agreement can lead to bad feelings amongst the two people getting married, which is one of the main reasons couples decide against them. However, many divorce lawyers strongly recommend that all couples get them.

Higher divorce rate could be fallout of improved economy

Divorce is typically not a pleasant situation to be involved in, as it negatively affects people in a variety of different ways. Unfortunately, however, divorce is something that will continue to happen around the country, including in the Grand Rapids area, as couples decide they can no longer live together. In fact, according to a new report as the economy improves, divorce rates increase.

Although the divorce rate in the United States saw a steady decline during the country’s economic recession that ended in the middle of 2009, that trend has seen a big reversal as the economy woes improve. According to Census Bureau statistics the divorce rate has experienced an increase in the three years following the recession’s end, including 2.4 million divorces in 2012. Some believe that many people who wanted to divorce during the recession simply weren’t able to because of their financial situation.

Things to consider if youíre considering divorce this year

Although divorce often tends to get heated or even turn ugly, it doesn’t have to be that way. Of course, many strong emotions are involved when a couple decides to divorce, but there are some things people in the Grand rapids area can do to help prevent their situation from turning into an ugly divorce battle.

One Michigan divorce attorney strongly recommends several helpful tips when it comes to divorce. According to the attorney, a couple should first and foremost seek every opportunity to save their marriage when possible. He says that divorce should be the last option and not the first resort. Seeking guidance from a marriage counselor is also a good idea. When a couple decides that divorce is the only reasonable option there are several things to keep in mind.

More lawmakers pushing for shared parenting in divorce

What’s the best possible solution for children when their parents decide to divorce? Some think that a child should be awarded to one of his or her parents, while others think that joint custody is better. Although every situation is different, there are a growing number of people around the country, including some in Grand Rapids, who feel that shared parenting is really the best solution for children.

Now these so-called parenting and children advocates are encouraging lawmakers from around the country to start pushing for more shared parenting situations in the event of divorce. According to these advocates the best interests of children are actually served better when children are able to spend an equal amount of time with both parents after divorce.

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